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My trip to village.


I’m khushbu khan.

So I’m sharing my experience of my tour to village.

Lets get started, i hope you guys will find  it interesting.

Its a tour with my friends to a village named Chintapalli.we decided to visit there.

We started early morning by bus, it took 3 hours to reach their.And as u know how will be a road in the villages.

Everybody were tired,My friend were totally tired,but i was like WTF!!! I want to see the place at any cost.

I started pleasing to one of my friend to take me out.He asked me ” What u want to see in this small village” .I replied i want to see the places, i want to talk to the people of the village, I want to know how do they cook their food, i want to know how they drape their sarees everything i want to know,After this lecture he was ready to take me with him !!!

Finally guys i was happy!!!

I was shocked to see that their is still some places without water, with houses, without electricity,without bathrooms too, thats so pity!!!

Anyways finally my friend took me to a nice location.

There we took some pics,And there i seen a hut by which i get attracted and i went there and i talked to them.

There was a old lady, and lot of childrens, i took lots of pics with them and the way of dressing style was totally different. She make me think of ancient people.

I was like i m back to 1880’s so it was really a mind refreshing place for me.

Then they start cooking with the woods,,,,, it was totally a different experience for me.

The old lady was so cutie pie 😉 she gave different poses in every pic.She is so sweet and always maintain a smile on her face.

I learn a lesson from them

That they are happy with that small things, they dont expect more, they are living happily in that position.

But on the other hand we , always want more and more, actually they are the real survivors 

So guys Hats off to them.

I thanked to god! That he given me blessed and happiest life 

 Hope u guys like my this experience.what u think about my experience.Do this happens with you.


Interviewer first question “Tell me about Yourself”.

If you are going for an interview, the interviewer first question will be “Tell me about Yourself”.

So people do lots of mistake in the first round.

I’m here to help you guys , that how to introduce yourself in a manner.

Let’s start.

  1.  Your name
  2. Your place of birth and now where r u residing.
  3. Your study qualification.
  4. Your skills.
  5. Your hobbies.
  6. Your goals

Follow your introduction like this:

Eg: Good Morning sir/Madam.I m _________.I born and bought up in Delhi.I had recently completed my ____________.I am quite good in __________,_______.My hobbies are ______.My goal is to become a _______. 

That’s all about my self.

Yes practise, practise, practise and be confident.

Good luck.

Rock on 2 movie review

Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar), who, aftera good run, is on a massive guilt trip triggered by a tragic mishap that he holds himself responsible for.Having retreated into a shell and turned his back on music, Aditya is now a do-gooder who seeks tospread joy in a quiet corner of Northeast India. But there is littlejoy in his own life.In contrast, the once moody guitarist Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal), who constantly received the wrong end of the stick – or so he thought – inRock On!​

He now owns a happening nightclub and is riding high as a judge a reality music show. But there is something missing from his world – genuine passion.The band’s “killer drummer” K.D. (Purab Kohli) gives us a preachy voiceover account about why exactly Aditya has sunk into a deep sulk. He then proceeds to make efforts to get the Magik guys back together again. But that is easier said than done.Band newbie Shraddha Kapoor plays Jiah Sharma, a girl who faces severe opposition from her conservative classical musician father (an as-efficient-as-ever Kumud Mishra), as she fights to make it big as a rock singer.While one track ofRock On 2follows the band seeking to reunite in the face of Aditya Shroff’s cussed foot-dragging, the other focuses onJiah’s battleto break freeand follow her heart.Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor inRock On 2s it turns out,Rock On 2isn’t the rocking, rollicking ride you expect it to be. It is swish but sluggish, stylish but stodgy.Sadly, the grunge band around whichRock On 2revolves is led by a crooner (Farhan Akhtar) whose raspy voice sounds good only when it is drowned out by the surround sound.Farhan’s on-screen performance is steady and generally in sync with the needs of the screenplay, but in the absence of a conclusive reason for his initial world-weariness, his-guy-who-needs-a-helluva-lot-of prodding act is less than satisfying.Shraddha Kapoor, who represents the younger generation in this musical clash of eras and cultures, does an infinitely better job with the songs thatshe lends her voice to. Her acting, too, passes muster without scaling great heights.As a musical,Rock On 2does nothit rock bottom at any point. But for the most part, the film finds itself trapped in rocky terrain. So its flow is staccato..  

Movie is just an average.

How to crack an interview.

An interview can be stressful for you considering the fact that you have very limited interview experience.Therefore, you must keep in mind some very important points before and while attending an interview.​

  1. Be confident.
  2. Do mirror practise.
  3. Maintain a little smile.
  4. Well groomed
  5. Try your standing positions in front of the mirror.
  6. Dont show nervousness on your face.
  7. Believe that they are also a human being like you.
  8. Take a deep breathe first
  9. Eye contact is very much important.

So follow these steps first

Remember girls and guys that 

First impression is the last impression 

Because in interview u cant get second chance.

Do mirror practise try to talk to yourself, capture your facial expressions and try to maintain a eye contact.

Try to be normal with the interviewer talk to him/her normally. Because they are also a worker in the job.And they are as you a normal human being.

Dont fear and rock the interview.

Practise, Practise, Practise till u become perfect.

I will be back for u lovelies that how to get ready , what to wear, how to talk, how to introduce everything in my next page till then take care 🙂

Luv u all 😉

Hello World.

I am Khushboo Khan.But People Calls me Khushi.I am girl who likes to try everything what comes in market.And if I like that I recommend that to everyone.So I am here to help u girls in anything.I am doing a Professional course.

I Would to Give review of anything what u want me to give:)