My trip to village.


I’m khushbu khan.

So I’m sharing my experience of my tour to village.

Lets get started, i hope you guys will find  it interesting.

Its a tour with my friends to a village named Chintapalli.we decided to visit there.

We started early morning by bus, it took 3 hours to reach their.And as u know how will be a road in the villages.

Everybody were tired,My friend were totally tired,but i was like WTF!!! I want to see the place at any cost.

I started pleasing to one of my friend to take me out.He asked me ” What u want to see in this small village” .I replied i want to see the places, i want to talk to the people of the village, I want to know how do they cook their food, i want to know how they drape their sarees everything i want to know,After this lecture he was ready to take me with him !!!

Finally guys i was happy!!!

I was shocked to see that their is still some places without water, with houses, without electricity,without bathrooms too, thats so pity!!!

Anyways finally my friend took me to a nice location.

There we took some pics,And there i seen a hut by which i get attracted and i went there and i talked to them.

There was a old lady, and lot of childrens, i took lots of pics with them and the way of dressing style was totally different. She make me think of ancient people.

I was like i m back to 1880’s so it was really a mind refreshing place for me.

Then they start cooking with the woods,,,,, it was totally a different experience for me.

The old lady was so cutie pie 😉 she gave different poses in every pic.She is so sweet and always maintain a smile on her face.

I learn a lesson from them

That they are happy with that small things, they dont expect more, they are living happily in that position.

But on the other hand we , always want more and more, actually they are the real survivors 

So guys Hats off to them.

I thanked to god! That he given me blessed and happiest life 

 Hope u guys like my this experience.what u think about my experience.Do this happens with you.


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