Rock on 2 movie review

Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar), who, aftera good run, is on a massive guilt trip triggered by a tragic mishap that he holds himself responsible for.Having retreated into a shell and turned his back on music, Aditya is now a do-gooder who seeks tospread joy in a quiet corner of Northeast India. But there is littlejoy in his own life.In contrast, the once moody guitarist Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal), who constantly received the wrong end of the stick – or so he thought – inRock On!​

He now owns a happening nightclub and is riding high as a judge a reality music show. But there is something missing from his world – genuine passion.The band’s “killer drummer” K.D. (Purab Kohli) gives us a preachy voiceover account about why exactly Aditya has sunk into a deep sulk. He then proceeds to make efforts to get the Magik guys back together again. But that is easier said than done.Band newbie Shraddha Kapoor plays Jiah Sharma, a girl who faces severe opposition from her conservative classical musician father (an as-efficient-as-ever Kumud Mishra), as she fights to make it big as a rock singer.While one track ofRock On 2follows the band seeking to reunite in the face of Aditya Shroff’s cussed foot-dragging, the other focuses onJiah’s battleto break freeand follow her heart.Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor inRock On 2s it turns out,Rock On 2isn’t the rocking, rollicking ride you expect it to be. It is swish but sluggish, stylish but stodgy.Sadly, the grunge band around whichRock On 2revolves is led by a crooner (Farhan Akhtar) whose raspy voice sounds good only when it is drowned out by the surround sound.Farhan’s on-screen performance is steady and generally in sync with the needs of the screenplay, but in the absence of a conclusive reason for his initial world-weariness, his-guy-who-needs-a-helluva-lot-of prodding act is less than satisfying.Shraddha Kapoor, who represents the younger generation in this musical clash of eras and cultures, does an infinitely better job with the songs thatshe lends her voice to. Her acting, too, passes muster without scaling great heights.As a musical,Rock On 2does nothit rock bottom at any point. But for the most part, the film finds itself trapped in rocky terrain. So its flow is staccato..  

Movie is just an average.


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